The “Old” Nurse

During these trying times in nursing, now more than ever we need to build each other up, help each other, mentor each other. I read nearly 2000 stories for Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul and 2000 more for Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul, Second Dose plus I speak to and listen to literally thousands of nurses a year. I see the power we have to nurture, uphold, and teach each other. Yet, do we really do that?  3d mink lashes mink lashes One story tells of our power to influence our fellow nurses. She was such a young, new nurse who was glad to leave the old people on the orthopedic surgical floor at the end of her shift.

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Nothing rattled her much, until she was assigned to the gangrene lady whose calves were decaying. In days past, she’d helped other nurses change the dressings, but she looked out the window and breathed from the corner of her mouth to avoid it the stench. But today, it was her turn. The night nurse had completely prepared Emma Palmer for surgery and the consent was signed for a bilateral above the knee amputation at ten a.m. What a relief! She wouldn’t have to mess with those legs.

The nurse held her breath as she entered her room. “How you doing there, Mrs. Palmer?”

Eenki ?” Emma glanced at her and looked away.

The nurse said, “You’re going to feel a lot better by tomorrow.”

“Why do you say that?” Emma turned her eyes on her. “My legs don’t hurt.”

“There’s really no other choice. They’ll teach you how to walk again.” The nurse squeezed her hand.

Tears welled in Emma’s eyes. The young nurse couldn’t handle this, so said she’d be back in a little while.

Dolores was working that day. She was an older nurse, competent in every way, though she wore false 3d mink lashes mink lashes and a big 3d mink lashes mink lashes hairdo with ringlets. The young nurse always felt apprehensive working alongside her because she knew Dolores was a much better nurse than she. Dolores was always right. The young nurse hated to be wrong. And it disturbed her to be corrected by one whose appearance she considered ridiculous.

Dolores caught her in the hall and asked how her morning was. “Good, I’ve got everything under control.”

“How’s Emma Palmer?” Dolores asked softly. “I took care of her yesterday.”

They both glanced into Emma’s room to see her dangling at the foot of her bed, weeping!

“Oh, she’s crying!” Dolores rushed into the room, put one arm around Emma’s neck, the other arm under her bandaged legs, and scooped her gently into bed.

The young nurse couldn’t imagine getting that close to those legs with her bare arms.

Dolores sat down on the mattress and hugged Emma who sobbed aloud with her head on Dolores’ shoulder. The young nurse stepped back and swallowed.

“Oh, Emma.” Dolores rocked her soothingly. “It’s all right. No, it’s really not all right, is it? It’s the pits.”

Emma let loose a bigger flood of tears. Dolores, kept rocking her, comforting her until she calmed. The young nurse felt awkward and incompetent. She wondered if she would ever be able to give from the heart as much as Dolores did, so easily, so naturally.

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Emma cried out, “How will I ever 3d mink lashes mink lashes ?” The young nurse slowly sat beside Emma and patted her leg. “I know how, Emma, and I’ll help you.” The young new nurses have a lot to learn from us old ones. And we old ones have a lot to learn from the young. Let’s uplift and mentor each other.



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