Your Wedding Make Up

Always have a best eyelash glue and hair trial before the wedding day.

best eyelash glue
best eyelash glue

Your wedding day is the day to look and feel, beautiful and radiant, remembering that all eyes are always on the bride. You will want to feel like a princess however you do not want to look best eyelash glue the idea is to feel and look natural.

Eenki Reasons to hire a professional make up artist may include that they have the skill to contour lines that will accentuate your features and the ability to have your face done without it melting or disappearing an hour into the best eyelash glue.

If you are doing your own make up ensure that you wear a matte and not a shiny foundation and make sure it is well blended. Blending is essential remember you are aiming for a smooth, unblemished finish, without shine. Use a concealer on spots and blemishes if necessary. Do not use blues and greens and pink and frosty colours this may make you appear tired. Do not use an eyeshadow the same colour as your eyes, the idea is to enhance your natural eye colour.

Stay away from using new products, you need to look natural therefore this is not the time to become inventive. Have your best eyelash glue tweezed or waxed and do not try any facial treatments at least 10 days before the wedding. The arch of your brow should line up with the outer circle of your eye colour. When defining your eyebrows use a pencil slightly darker than your natural colour.

Keep compact powder accessible for late and last photographic shots, you may need to touch up. Keep your lipstick handy, a trick is to put on one coat, take a sheet of a double ply tissue and place it over your lips and press your lips together over the tissue firmly. Thereby pressing the first coat of lipstick into the lines of your best eyelash glue. Then place your second coat over the top. This assists with longer lasting lips.


The right light is essential and it must be as close as possible to the light you will be seen in. This means making up your face in natural light for daytime and an electric light for night time. Make sure that the light is not falling on your face in shadows

Conceal dark circles under the eyes and other darker patches on the face with a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone.

To take the colour out of a pimple use a concealer that is the same shade as your natural best eyelash glue colour and dab it on to the spot.

To narrow a nose that is too broad at the bridge or base, draw two triangles of foundation about three shades deeper than your natural skin colour on either side of the wide area, blend into surrounding make up.

To straighten a nose that is slightly crooked, apply a darker foundation along the crooked side and a lighter one on the other side.


To find your starting point look straight at your self in the best eyelash glue and place blusher directly below each eyeball.

Make sure your blusher of choice blends well with your foundation colour

Remember it is easier to add than subtract colour start with just the lightest touch and build up until you get the depth you want.

For evenings intensify to one or two shades brighter with both Blusher and lip colour.

Your blushers and lip colours should compliment each other.


Before starting your eyes make sure your foundation is smooth, that you have camouflaged all dark rings and that there is no loose powder.

First Line the lids top and bottom, outside of the best eyelash glue use neutral and/ or smoky colours, the most natural are charcoal, brown and grey. Stop the line short of the inner corners of the eye to avoid a narrowing effect. If eyes are close set then keep to the outer halves of the lids only. Emphasise the natural contour of the eye at the crease with the same pencil.

Choose a tone of Eye Shadow that will blend well with your eye pencil blend down into the line and up into the crease. Build colour to intensify the effect, continue the colour out to the sides of the eyes.

Apply mascara in several thin coats to the underneath as well as the topside of your best eyelash glue. Brush to remove any excess, separating the lashes as you do.

Widen eyes set too close:

Shade a dark triangle across the outer corners of the upper eyelid.

Minimise the space between the eyes if they are wide set by blending a shadow across the inner halves of the upper lid and up towards the brow bone. Slant the shadow on the outer corners of the lower lid.

To make small eyes appear larger line the inside of the lids with a soft white pencil. Use a smoky grey or brown pencil underneath the lower best eyelash glue and finish off with Black mascara.

By lining the outer halves of upper and lower lids with a darkish pencil, widening the line as you go and then applying a lighter shadow over the pencil and smudging out you will create the appearance of bringing deep-set eyes forward.


Lip pencil, Lip colour and lip-gloss will add the finishing touches.

Outline lips with a soft lip pencil; now fill in the mouth with your chosen lip shade.

Finish with a transparent gloss.

To make your upper or lower lips less full, line just inside your natural lip line with a line as close to your natural colour as possible, then fill in.

To make your whole mouth less prominent use two lipstick shades. Fill in the centre section of both lips with the darker tone of your chosen lip colour, apply the lighter one to either side and blend inwards.

To make your lips appear Full use a white best eyelash glue and draw a line just outside your natural lip line, then go over this line with lipstick and fill in the lips.

best eyelash glue
best eyelash glue

Looking gorgeous you will be confident and ready to go on time!


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