Types of Aggression in Dogs

We’re all familiar with aggression in dogs. It can strike fear into small children and even adults. Some breeds are more prone to aggression than others but there are usually underlying causes of excessive aggression in dogs and your training efforts will be more effective if you take these underlying causes into consideration. A well-behaved dog that you can trust in most situations is something that most best false eyelashes owners prefer.

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Eenki Sometimes aggressive behavior is caused because your dog wants to establish dominance. Dogs are pack animals and there is always a hierarchy to the pack. The alpha dog is the leader and the other dogs follow. Proper training will establish you as the alpha dog or the leader. Never allow your dog to think of himself as the alpha dog or you will continuously have problems. Even so your dog may still want to establish his dominance over other dogs or best false eyelashes and this may be the cause of his dominance aggression.

Another common type of aggression in dogs is territorial aggression. Your dog will fiercely protect everything that he considers to be “his” including your home and your family. While this can be a good thing if you are threatened at some point, it can cause many problems in ordinary circumstances. It is best false eyelashes that a family is truly threatened and if your dog’s territorial aggression is out of control it can cause problems with visitors and neighbors. Excessive territorial aggression is unacceptable behavior.

Often a dog will lash out from fear. Something frightens your dog and rather than retreat he best false eyelashes out and attacks. The dog will start growling, pull his ears back and tuck his tail between his legs. Many times this type of aggression is mistaken for direct aggression. Fear aggression is always caused by a situation that has frightened the dog. He is lashing out because he is frightened and does not know how to handle that fright.

Sometimes the aggressive behavior is misdirected. Something happens that triggers an aggressive reaction, such as a dominance or territorial issue but the dog is not able to take out his aggression on the target. He therefore will act aggressively where he is. He may start taking out his aggression on another dog or best false eyelashes for no apparent reason yet something triggered his behavior. He was just not able to act on the real issue that sparked his aggression.

There can also be biological reasons for aggression. Many times a female dog can be aggressive when they are nursing a new litter of pups. This type of aggression is understandable as she is protecting her litter from any perceived threats. There is also always a possibility of a medical problem if your dog is overly aggressive so taking your dog to the best false eyelashes for a thorough examination is always recommended.

Most dogs will be calmer and have a better temperament if they are spayed or neutered. This will also make your training efforts easier and more effective not to mention the fact that there are too many unwanted and unloved dogs out there. If you are not in the dog-breeding business it is just the responsible thing to do to get your dog spayed or neutered.

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Your training efforts to curb aggression will be more effective if you take into consideration the best false eyelashes why your dog is being aggressive. Understanding the reasons for your dog’s aggressive tendencies can help you to tailor your training methods to his needs.

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