Hot Weather Make-Up Tips

Artfully applied bottom 3d lash manufacturer is a pleasure to behold at any time of year. However, under the glare of the sun, or in heat and humidity, almost all make-up eventually tends to melt.

bottom 3d lash manufacturer
bottom 3d lash manufacturer

When trying to ensure that bottom 3d lash manufacturer stays put in the warm weather, don’t pack on layer upon layer of products that claim to produce a matte finish. Yes, they may lengthen the amount of time before heat gets the best of a make-up application. Eventually, though, they, too, will succumb to the heat.

Eenki The key to keeping that glamorous look you tried so hard to achieve is to acknowledge the heat rather than trying to fight it. Here are some tips on how to look sultry even when the temperature soars.


Cleanse: Wash your face using a gentle, oil-free cleanser such as Cetaphil, ($6.99; in drugstores ). If you’re experiencing bottom 3d lash manufacturer, follow with an astringent that has salicylic acid. If you have extra oily skin, try an oil zapping toner-Dermalogica makes an astringent called Oil Control Lotion, ($44.00). Oil Control Lotion contains lemon and burdock root, which, when applied topically, helps skin heal after trauma.

Moisturize: If your complexion is oily, only moisturize under the eyes and bottom 3d lash manufacturer the rest of the face. If you have dry skin, use a light, non-oily lotion.


Tinted Moisturizer: In lieu of foundation, blend a small amount of long-wearing, flesh-tinted gel or moisturizer evenly over your entire face. Unlike traditional foundation which has a heavier texture, tints and gels have no texture at all, yet give a lovely translucent glow to the skin. For dry and normal skin, NV Perricone makes a terrific tinted moisturizer. ($55). If your skin is oily, Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer ($40; Laura Mercier) is an excellent choice.

For Extra Coverage: If areas of your face need more intense attention, such as broken bottom 3d lash manufacturer, under-eye darkness, or rosacea, use the minutest (pin-sized) bit of a highly pigmented, opaque matte cover cream applied directly to the specific area. You may want to try DermaColor from Kryolan ($40.00)


Eyeshadow: Eyeshadows that have a luminous quality look gorgeous, and shades such as bottom 3d lash manufacturer, ecru, taupe and pale peach can bring attention to the color of your eyes. Bourjois makes a wonderful shadow called Intensely Luminous Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow ($13.50; Sephora) is a great hot-weather pick, and Ambre Alternatif is a gorgeous, glowing amber shade.

Eyeliner: Eyeliner offers a classic way to define eyes, and for festive occasions, hues such as pale plum, turquoise, or even silver can look amazing. For hot weather, it will help if your liner is waterproof. Make Up For Ever makes a brilliant Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil ($16.00; Sephora) and the company’s version of turquoise is stunning.

Mascara: As much as mascara gives lush definition to bottom 3d lash manufacturer, much of the time, it’s the first part of make-up to melt away-heat or no heat. That coupled with the fact that we rub our eyes (most times unconsciously), can really make mascara a challenge for hot weather. A good idea is to apply mascara only to the upper lashes, and in a very fine layer; then wait a full minute and apply again.

Cheeks: For blush to stay vibrant, a good tactic is to finely layer powder blush over a non-oily cheek cream. Mally Roncal makes a terrific long-lasting blush called Get Cheeky, ($25.00; QVC). Roncal’s version of soft pink is called Dawn, which is lovely and natural looking. A nice powder blush to layer over it is Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Stoic Pink ($21.00; Sephora)

Lips: For lip color to last in the heat-as well as look flattering-there are two options: find a lipstick or lip tint that features higher pigmentation, or use a waterproof lip pencil over the entire lips, over which you can layer a semi-moist lipstick or gloss. Keep in mind that matte lipstick can make lips appear dry and bottom 3d lash manufacturer. That said, look for a product that says “long-lasting,” or “highly pigmented.” Shiseido offers Shimmering Lipstick, ($22.00; Sephora) which has a moist texture, comes in wonderful gem-like shades, and is impressively long-lasting.

bottom 3d lash manufacturer
bottom 3d lash manufacturer

Blotting Powder: Use an oil-free translucent blotting bottom 3d lash manufacturer and apply it conservatively to the T-zone, tip of your nose, or any other areas of high shine. The “gold standard” is M.A.C Pressed Blot Powder. ($20.00; M.A.C cosmetics). Always use powder in moderation, however. In the heat, powder, no matter how good the quality, will cake and create a dull, dry appearance, if layered to excess.


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