How To Wear Make Up For A cluster lash extensions

When you’ve finally gotten a call back for a job cluster lash extensions interview, you want to make sure you do everything you can to make the best impression possible. First impressions are crucial, and you want to portray yourself as responsible, competent and neat. Of course, your credentials and experience matter, but your appearance also tells the interviewer lot about you. Also, putting some effort into your appearance will make you feel confident, which will make you more personable and friendly. Below are some tips on how to do your make up for your next job interview.

For a job interview, less is definitely more when it comes   cluster lash extensions to make up. Even if you’re interviewing for a job as a cashier, your make up should be clean, simple and fresh.

If you are able to, start your preparations the night before. Take a hot shower and exfoliate your skin. This will help it look vibrant and fresh in the morning. Put on a good night time face and eye cream before going to bed. Also put on a few layers of chapstick to keep your lips moist.

cluster lash extensions
cluster lash extensions

In the morning, wash your face well and put on plenty of face cream (preferably one with SPF). The make up essentials you will need are mascara, eyeliner, concealer, blush and lipstick.

When applying mascara, do not do it the same way as when you go out with your girlfriends. Heavy mascara is dramatic and too sexy for an interview. Just one or two coats on the top and a very fine coat on the bottom is all you need. If your cluster lash extensions are very thin or short, you can use an eyelash curler. Otherwise, do not.

Eenki, choose an cluster lash extensions that is simple. Do not wear an eyeshadow that is dark or has shimmer and glitter in it. Usually “matte” eyeshadow is best for something like an interview. It is simple and usually stays on longer. Use a neutral color like beige, light brown or soft tan. Stay away from purple, dark brown or dark pink. Apply just a few strokes with either an applicator brush or your finger. I find that applying cluster lash extensions with my ring finger works best and keeps the color even on my eyelid. If you are confident in your make up application, you can dab a very small amount of a different and slightly darker color shadow  cluster lash extensions on the outside of your crease. Use your finger or brush to blend it well.

When applying eyeliner, apply a very thin line just on the outside of your lid. Do not use liquid eyeliner as it is too dark and not appropriate for an interview. It is best to use an eyeliner that has a smudge brush on the end, and carefully smudge the liner.

It is better to use lipstick than liner. Lip liners are too shimmery and are best left for the club. Use a lipstick in a neutral tone such as mauve or berry colors. Apply a small amount and dab your lips with a napkin. Make sure there is no lipstick on your teeth!

When using blush, make sure to apply just a few strokes right on your cheekbones. It is very easy to put on too much blush, so make sure it is well blended and not overdone.

As a finishing touch, brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Tweeze stray hairs and keep your brows neat and clean.

cluster lash extensions
cluster lash extensions

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