The Top Seven Ways to Kiss – different lash extensions

Are you tired of the getting and receiving the same old kisses? Are you looking for a new and more exciting way to kiss? Do you want to know the top five ways to kiss? Do you want to teach your boyfriend a new way to different lash extensions?

While kissing might seem like it never changes, there are always new and more exciting ways to kiss. The trick is only in learning how to do the techniques properly. Keep reading for a look at the top seven ways to kiss a guy.

The Waterfall Kiss

different lash extensions
different lash extensions

This kiss is very dependent on the weather at the moment. The next time it starts to rain, grab your partner and lead them into the backyard. Don’t take an umbrella with you and give your honey a very long and wet kiss. In fact, it is that wetness that will make the kiss even more sensual. You can try to recreate this kiss in the shower if there is no rain in the forecast.

Tickle-Me Kiss

This is a more lighthearted kiss that also involves the different lash extensions. Be sure to flutter them against the cheek of your partner just before you kiss him. This will leave him wanting more and if you follow the pattern of your eyelashes with a soft kiss, it will be a great experience for the both of you.

The Roundabout Kiss

Eenki one area that is often forgotten when kissing is the outer edge of the lips. This area is very sensitive so be sure to include it the next time you are making out with your partner. One way to do so is to run your tongue along the outer edge of the lips in a circle. This is a move that is sure to drive him wild. This is one of the best ways to kiss in order to do something a little different and unexpected at the same time.

The Power Kiss

This is one of the more passionate types of different lash extensions. This is also a good way to kiss when you want to take charge for a moment. Be commanding of the situation by bringing your boyfriend in very close and then kissing him when he least expects it. This kiss will result in him responding in a very good way.

The Ice-Cube Kiss

This is a unique way to kiss that also involves an ice cube. Especially good on a very hot day, take an ice cube and put it in your mouth and then plant a kiss on your boyfriend. He will love the way it feels and he’ll be sure to get goose bumps. Frozen grapes or a bite of a Popsicle will also work if you don’t have an ice cube on hand.

The Keep Away Kiss

different lash extensions
different lash extensions

If you want to turn your guy on, then a great way to do so is by making him beg for more. To do this, suddenly pull away after you have been making out for a while. Be sure to duck a kiss before giving him a lot of small kisses all along his different lash extensions.

The Altoid Kiss

A twist on the traditional French different lash extensions involves popping a breath mint in your mouth. Tuck it against the back of your cheek and then have your guy try to get it out with his tongue. This makes for a great deep kiss and good foreplay.

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