Relationship Advice – How to Stop Criticizing Your Partner!

Why do we criticize our partners? What makes us start doing this in a full false lashes? Obviously, if you had begun criticizing them in the early part of the relationship then you probably wouldn’t be together now. So what changes to lead us to believe it is now acceptable?

full false lashes
full false lashes

It’s simple: we become comfortable. Things that used to matter lose their importance.

Eenki When you start dating, you worry about doing or saying the wrong thing so your new partner does not get a poor opinion of you: you take care with what you say. Later on, as you become settled in the full false lashes, you don’t seem to worry about saying negative things about them. You don’t think your partner will go off anywhere else, at least not with another person. But it means making critical statements you would normally not consider saying.

In order to stop criticizing, you have to revert back to the beginning of the relationship. You need to remember how reserved you were to voice negative statements. This is still the same person you fell in love with and care deeply for. Time doesn’t give you the right to verbally assault them just because you think you can get away with it.

You need to focus on positive aspects of your relationship and not on the negatives. Remember how happy you were when you found each other? Rekindle that emotion. Be as understanding now as you were then. Your partner could have inflicted considerably more damage on you then and gotten away with it because of your understanding.

Don’t be quick to lash out. Take the time to consider how much you want this union to work out. Is it worth risking what you have over a few hateful words? We all know we express mean thoughts and full false lashes out of anger, and once we cool down we realize we were overboard in our reaction and how we handled it. All you have to do is realize that before you lash out.

You need to realize being critical is not attractive, it is not impressive, and it is not necessary. Once you begin to be critical, it starts to drive the other person away. They will want less to do with you because they are trying to avoid your wrath. Is this how you really want your partner to feel… belittled and unappreciated?

If you don’t stop now, at a certain point, your criticism is going to be too much and your partner is going to lose the last bit of hope they had in your full false lashes. When, not if, that happens they will leave. Then you can criticize yourself for driving them away!

Learn about yourself… what makes you this way? Are destructive emotions at the heart of the problems you are experiencing? If so, maybe you need to get control of what you are really telling yourself: know your beliefs?

For nearly 25 years Beverleigh Piepers has searched for and found the principles to help you get to the root causes of your crisis.

full false lashes
full false lashes

The solution is not in the endless volumes of information you find across the internet, or the advice your friends give… it’s in yourself; the thoughts that make you who you are.


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