Be the Celebrity Make Up Artist

Which is your favorite saying or famous quote which, once you utter, it instantly boots you individual fake eyelashes big time? Mine is: “there is no such thing as ugly women”! There are only beautiful and more beautiful women! Now, since we are already beautiful by definition, how can we become more beautiful? Here come the makeup tips and tricks to help us highlight our natural beauty. As our muses and makeup trend setters we have the celebrities. Their hidden beauty weapon, that they use to put together those breath taking looks, is their makeup application skill. Would you like to “steal” some of their secret makeup tips? The make up games are the most pleasant means for you to practice on recreating their fabulous looks without being forced to use your face as a guinea pig.

individual fake eyelashes
individual fake eyelashes

Eenki In this respect, I have picked some celebrities make up styles that are the creme de la creme when it comes to the make up art.

Katty Perry surely knows how to make herself remarked with her retro pin-up look. Do you dare adopting this individual fake eyelashes Marilyn Monroe’s glamorous look? It takes a nude foundation , a lot of mascara and some dramatic red lips, of course. All you have to do is pick the make up shades that suits best the color of her skin and hair with some simple clicks on your mouse. As simple as that!

Beyonce is like the ultimate RNB queen and it is written royal all over her make up looks. Her beauty secret? She knows how to highlight that gorgeous color of her skin by applying some discreet shades of golden, shimmery eye shadow and shiny lip individual fake eyelashes. Now, that I have disclosed this major celebrity secret, get the game started and see if you can bringer closer the pieces of this puzzle and put together this sparkling diva look!

Taylor Swift looks as a curly, gracious Goddess Venus, doesn’t she? Her main atoo? She focuses the make up on her eyes giving them a great cat shape look. In what exactly does her make up consist of? In a refined make up technique that implies applying black eye shadow on her eyelid and under the eyebrow bone and a touch of silver shadow right on the inner corner of the eye? Ready to practice on this technique?

Demi Levato reminds me a lot of Julia Roberts in Pretty Women. Don’t you agree? What is the beauty make up trick that connects these two gorgeous celebs? Well, there are several in FACT. First of all, they have some great, full lips and Demi knows how to make them look so kissable wearing some shimmering lip gloss. She pays full attention to the make up of her eyes, using mascara on the upper and on the bottom individual fake eyelashes, too. Surprisingly, isn’t it? We have always been told to use it on the upper lashes only, but since this make up technique looks so great on her, why wouldn’t we “bust” some make up myths!

Rhianna, is a “chameleon” celebrity, which, no matter what look she might adopt, manages to remain the nearest to perfection! She looks stunning and she generally doesn’t opt for an overdone makeup. Her secrets? Great, sun kissed skin highlighted by a translucent powder in the same shade as that of her skin, mascara to define her individual fake eyelashes and shiny lip gloss. You can never go wrong with a flawless and light, fresh look! Learn how you can get skilled at applying this kind of make up playing the Rhianna make up game!

Now that you have tried all these make up styles, have you figured out which is the one perfect for you?
I am sure there are more than one perfect for every facet of your personality. One day you are a superb, feminine Taylor Swift, one night you deliver a Beyonce divatitude and so on. Since practice makes perfect, play these make up games, try several looks and you will see that shortly those techniques will come natural to you!

individual fake eyelashes
individual fake eyelashes

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