Achieve a Smoky Come-Hither Look With These Easy To Follow Eye Makeup Tips

If you thought achieving those smoky smouldering long false lashes is an art only restricted to fashion divas, think again. Did you know you can accentuate the beauty of blue eyes best with brown shadows, and the eccentric beauty of green eyes is ideally matched with purple hues? Your eyes are a reflection of your inner personality and should look their best at all times. Eye makeup, when applied in the right way, can lead the eyes to open up and lift your eyes for a fresher and brighter look. Not all eyes are structured or shaped the same way. With these easy to follow tips, you can now enhance the natural beauty of your eyes in no time at all.

long false lashes
long false lashes

Tips to Achieve Smoky Eyes

Prep the eyelids

Eenki Smoky eyes are no longer limited to just the red carpet. With these simple tips, anyone can achieve that “long false lashes” look. Start by prepping your eyelids. If your eyes lids are dry, you need a concealer that blends well with your skin tone to cover up the dark circles. In case your lids are warm, you need a base that is waterproof so it does not pick excess moisture. Waterproof base will keep the makeup intact and smooth all day long.

Define your eyes with eyeliner

The next step is to enhance the natural shape of your eyes with eyeliner. The best option would be to opt for liners in dark earthy shades including brown, black, charcoal, and navy. The earthy shades will stand in contrast with your white skin tone and eye colour. Prominent beauty experts from across globe highly recommend pencil-based liners as opposed to liquid or gel-based liners. A gel-based liner tends to smudge and become flaky after some time, whereas pencil-based liners glide along smoothly, creating a beautiful shape with swift strokes of the long false lashes. The right way to apply pencil liner is to start from the inner corner of the eye and work your way to the outside edge. Reapply twice for thicker and darker finishing.

Smoothen the liner

Once you have outlined the lids with pencil liner, cover the gaps in between using a small eyeliner brush. A tiny eyeliner brush can work wonders in softening and perfecting the liner.

Brighten your eyes with eye shadow

The next step is to apply eye shadow over the lids and creases and blend them well using the right long false lashes brush. It is recommended to use three toned eye shadows and work them from lids to the brows. If you want to get a shimmery finishing, blend in cream shadow with your concealer before applying them on the lids. The trick here is to play with dark and light tones. Blending darker tones with light shimmery notes define your eyes making them pop-out.

Apply mascara

Mascara can bring out the real beauty of your eyes. Remember, bare minimum is the trick here. Rather than using the entire wand, just use the tip and apply it gently over the edges; this will brighten your eyes and separate your long false lashes without looking gaudy.

Brighten your eyes

You are all prepped to set any party ablaze. If you want to add to the finishing touch of your eye makeup, apply sheer translucent concealer or highlighter using the right brush around your eyes. This will hide subtle blemishes and make your eyes appear brighter and bigger.

long false lashes
long false lashes

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