How to Become a Gorgeous Bride on the Big Day

Congratulations! You are engaged! You’ve got the ring and the perfect wedding dress. The next question is how to make the best look on your big day? Here are some bridal beauty tips which make you a gorgeous bride in the hall.

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If your eyes are puffy on the morning of the wedding, put cold, damp teabags on them for five minutes to calm down the inflammation.

It’s a good idea to make sure your lip gloss isn’t too sticky, so your hair doesn’t get caught in it.

Put together a beauty kit for you and your bridesmaids that includes all the essentials, including a spray bottle of floral water to hydrate skin, tissues, bobby pins, a small comb and mini hairspray.

While it’s great to have a compact in your beauty bag so you can keep an eye on your naked band false lashes , nominate a bridesmaid to be on naked band false lashes  duty for the day so she can help you with your touch-ups.

What products should a bride to be have on hand:
Blotting paper is a must-have. It eliminates shine without adding more naked band false lashes .
Every bride wants to have glowing, flawless skin on her wedding day; a perfect complexion that will look radiant all day long and into the night. The most simple, natural way of achieving this is by spending a little time choosing the right foundation and prepping the skin properly on the day.
When choosing the correct shade it’s important to test the colour in natural light; match the foundation to the skin on your neck for the most invisible finish.
Also vital to keeping skin looking beautiful all day, is a great primer. Before applying foundation, use pro naked band false lashes  smoothing cream. It not only smooths and preps the skin for foundation application, it mattifies skin, minimize pore size and ensures your naked band false lashes stays put.

Tears of joy are inevitable so a good waterproof mascara is another bridal beauty must. For extra length and volume use a mascara primer before your mascara and always apply two even coats, concentrating on lifting your eyelashes upwards and outwards.

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