The Care and Feeding of a Copywriter – 4 Simple Rules

Like you, I am a customized packaging mink eyelashes.

customized packaging mink eyelashes
customized packaging mink eyelashes

But at my core, in my heart, I am a copywriter. Copywriting is my passion. I get paid handsomely per sales letter and email. Frankly, even more than the late, revered Gary Halbert, the customized packaging mink eyelashes of Print.

Eenki Many online marketers and business owners search incessantly to find that one, special, gifted copywriter who has what it takes to write copy for them.

It’s to *YOU*, this article is written.

In order to get the results you are looking for from your copywriter, no matter what they are, you must understand four customized packaging mink eyelashes things about us copywriters. Most people do not understand these things. And you knowing them WILL make you a better marketer.

They WILL give you a competitive advantage. So please, please listen.

I’m going to go through these in detail. Again, please indulge me for a customized packaging mink eyelashes. It’s only to your benefit.

First, you need to know, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to a copywriter is their mindset. Period.

We protect our mindset at all costs. We stand an ever vigilant guard at the door of our customized packaging mink eyelashes.

Stated differently, a copywriter needs to be constantly INSPIRED BY YOU and your product in order to contribute to you. If we lose our inspiration, even for a moment, it’s over and neither of us will get the result you want for your website or your business.

You want us to crow about you and your product and customized packaging mink eyelashes. You want us to BELIEVE. You want us singing your praises to the high heavens.

Help us do that.

For instance, most copywriters I know, they will work their hearts out, they will slit their wrist, open a vein and bleed all over the floor, just to know they have contributed to you.

I have seen it enough times to know and I am constantly amazed and inspired.

You doing even a rather small thing like saying thank you in an customized packaging mink eyelashes for example, has a HUGE impact on our day, lifts our spirits to the stratosphere, makes us jubilant and makes us want to contribute even more to you.

No kidding.

Some of the marketers come to us looking like a newborn cuddly, cute little adorable puppy… some come here looking like a ragged mutt which hasn’t seen a meal in days and has the mange… Some are kennel club, best of breed show dogs… some come here looking like a battle-scarred, battle-fatigued, ultra-cautious guard dog longingly looking for someone they can trust and believe in.

No matter. It makes no difference.

Because any copywriter who spends any time at all ULTIMATELY wants to contribute to *YOU*–freely, willingly, and yes, admittedly maybe in hopes of landing you as a Client.

But based upon my experience, we always want to serve you, contribute to you and help you succeed. We rejoice in seeing customized packaging mink eyelashes do well.

But to the point: Please inspire us.

Insulting, even remotely, is extremely counter productive. If you do, like a tiger or a lion, our claws will come out, our fangs will be barred and the conversation go downhill immediately.

Unless we have the self-awareness to “bite our tongue.” Which it’s true, we as copywriters, don’t always have that self-discipline or self-awareness at times and we sometimes lash out.

We’re human. We take customized packaging mink eyelashes in our work.

You see, when you insult, you inspire us in a DIFFERENT way. A negative way. A way that causes harm with our words. We may not realize it in the moment but it’s harmful nonetheless.

It’s been said “The pen is mightier than the sword.” It’s true.

If we are a competent copywriter, we will decimate. I’m talking “scorched earth.” Word by word, paragraph by paragraph. It will not be pretty. It will be ugly, and NO ONE will win and no one, I assure you, wants that.

I say this because I have seen it on this forum enough times to know. It can, it will, get ugly, it can get customized packaging mink eyelashes and it just doesn’t have to happen.

customized packaging mink eyelashes
customized packaging mink eyelashes

So help us, help you. Please, only inspire us. This is your first and foremost customized packaging mink eyelashes.


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